Why I will never diet for 30 years for anyone. A response to something I shouldn’t have read.


Oh Samantha Brick, you did it again, well done. You made me click on a Daily Mail link, even though I detest that paper and refuse to boost it’s circulation. I saw your smug face peeping out at me via Facebook link and I was lost. Perhaps it was your unstoppable sexual magnetism that drew me in, perhaps that as a heterosexual woman, I am not immune to your ravishing beauty. I clicked and was instantly caught up in your loquacious wordsmithery, factual reasoning and sparkling wit. What consumer of responsible journalism could refuse the opportunity to hear your honeyed prose drip seductively across the page like nectar?  I supposed that in the very act of clicking on that link, I have become part of the problem. If you didn’t write this shit, I wouldn’t get this angry.


I suppose that, after the last couple of things you wrote…

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