I recently remembered that I am a metal fan. To my shame, since I have been at uni, finding and listening to a wide variety of metal music has not been a priority. While I can sing word for word Rihanna’s ‘Rude Boy’, I’ve fallen off pace with my favourite genre of music. However, this has changed. What kick-started my rediscovery of metal was a frankly superb documentary series I called ‘Metal Evolution.’ A ten-part series, focusing on the development of the genre from its roots in the late-1960s, to the modern day.

Of the bands new and old that I have discovered is Mastodon. I’d heard of them before, but never listened, an old cliche. A fantastic band, combining the hardness of sound, with impressive musical virtuosity – the drumming by Brann Dailor is especially impressive.

Their song ‘Oblivion’, released on their 2009 album ‘Crack the Skye’ is the standout track of the album, which is no mean feat, as the album itself is a phenomenal piece of what I would define as progressive metal, (for me it takes off where Metallica’s …And Justice for All, left off.)

I’m quite glad I slightly lost touch with the music that I love, as it means that I can rediscover it again, which to be honest is really quite awesome.

What I’m listening to:

‘Crack the Skye’ – Mastodon

‘House of Gold and Bones Pt. 2’ – Stone Sour

‘Machine Head’ – Deep Purple

‘Outlaw Gentlemen & Shady Ladies’ – Volbeat

Things learnt in Asia

I’d like to think I went away to South East Asia and came back a master of my inner thoughts. I would be a walking embodiment of the lily pad on the serene pond of my consciousness. Alas, I have not. But, I did manage to jot down a few things that amused me at the time, and others that were a bit thought provoking. One thing that has not been lost on me is the amount that we can learn from one another. I genuinely believe that I’ve become a better person through my experiences travelling, so when you meet new people always be mindful, you might just learn something.


‘You can’t stand on one leg, so you can’t have just one beer’ – A Dutch saying, which after many a jug of beer seemed perfectly logical, and a quote I often lived by.

‘When one person drinks, two people are happy.’ – Vietnamese saying.

‘You meet everyone twice’ – Two German girls I met told me this, and apparently they were told this by their parents, and they by their parents and so on. It means that you should always be kind to strangers, as you never know when you will see them again, and what they could do for you.

In Cambodia, the Khmer people have various superstitions. One of these regards road safety, or lack thereof. There are some that do not like using rear lights on their cars or motorbikes at night, in case they attract ghosts or spirits back to their house.

That’s just a few of the things I have written down. I’d like to think I wrote these tidbits in some Indiana Jones type notebook, leather-bound and worn. But no, they’re stored in my Evernote app on my iPhone. Another way in which my life is ruined by modern technology! (See previous post on social media for my insightful comments, read: rantings.)

George Zimmerman: Killer on the loose

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Trayvon Martin is dead. Minutes ago, a Florida jury let George Zimmerman, the guy who killed him, walk.

A Florida jury acquitted George Zimmerman of charges of second-degree murder and manslaughter Saturday night in a case that alternately fascinated and appalled large segments of a spellbound nation.

The gun culture rules Florida. I’m sure they’re very proud of themselves. But if Martin had been the neighborhood watch volunteer, and Zimmerman had been the guy with the can of iced tea and the bag of Skittles, Martin would now be on death row.

Think that’s an exaggeration?

If you’re an older white man and you catch your wife cheating on you with another man, you get to kill him, then go free.

If you’re a black woman and you fire a warning shot to scare off a physically abusive husband who’s aggressively coming at you, after saying, “If I…

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Saturday wind down

Today has been quite busy, rather than lounging about doing sod all as we have a moral obligation to do on Saturdays, I decided to continue the positive streak I’ve been on this past week. I spent the day ensconced by my computer firing off CVs to seemingly anyone with an e-mail address. On top of that, with my parents being away, sunning themselves in the warm climes of Poitou-Charentes, I have been left in charge of the house. This is a monumental task, and today I’ve been continuing the seemingly endless cycle of washing dishes, cleaning  clothes and then washing more dishes, and cleaning more clothes. I potentially have multiple personalities, and they are contributing to the amount of dirty things one person could produce.

So here is a wonderful wind down song. I hope you’ve all heard of Lianne La Havas before, she is one of the best new acts I have come across in the past year and a half. I saw her support Bombay Bicycle Club in April of 2012, and I was blown away by the beauty of her voice, and songwriting talent. So here is one of my favourite songs from her album ‘Is Your Love Big Enough?’ – Elusive.