30 Day Challenge, day 14

5 celebrity crushes

5. Helen Mirren.

Helen Mirren

I’m not one to discriminate based on age. An incredible actress and still looks amazing at 68.

4. Olivia Munn

Olivia Munn

I’ve been watching her in The Newsroom (freaking go and watch it right now, it’s Aaron Sorkin at its best since The West Wing.) I would listen to Sloan Sabbith (Munn’s character) lecture me about economics forever.

3. Mila KunisMila Kunis

I mean just look at her. All smokey-eyed and Ukrainian. She seems like the kind of girl you’d love to have a beer with and hang out with. This is wholly based on the film Ted, but hey, let me have my dreams.

2. Zooey Deschanel

Zooey Deschanel

I think I’m the only person who has seen 500 Days of Summer, and still doesn’t think Summer, and by extension Zooey was a massive bitch. Can’t you see that was being selfish and trying to project his idea of what a perfect relationship was onto Summer!? C’mon people! Zooey is thoroughly adorkable. GO AND WATCH NEW GIRL NOW.

1. Christina Hendricks

Christina Hendricks I like redheads, strong women and pin-up-esque looking women. So how could I not pick Christina Hendricks. I admit I’m more in love with her character Joan Holloway from Mad Men (WATCH THAT NOW TOO!) but hey, let’s not split hairs. I’ll be devastated when Mad Men finally comes to an end as it means I won’t have her on my TV every week anymore.

30 Day Challenge, day 13

3 Confessions

1. I am incredibly, and usually overly judgemental. Since I was little I was blessed, or cursed depending on how you look at it with the capacity to retain a stupid amount of knowledge in my head. My mum calls me a sponge to this day. Unfortunately it’s not always to most useful knowledge, but I have a pretty expansive knowledge of the trivial, mundane, and obscure. So if someone doesn’t know something that I do, I can sometimes get annoyed. It’s incredibly petty and arrogant, and I really dislike this aspect about myself.

2. I hate Keith Lemon and Celebrity Juice. I just don’t understand how people can find it funny. But I’m the odd one out as everyone in the universe seems to love it.

3. I have a disgusting habit of chewing any fingernails I bite off. I’ve no idea why I do it, but I’ve done it for as long as I can remember. It could be worse, I could be her.

Please don’t judge me too much.

A thought on Syria

This won’t be a long-winded post about the current situation playing out in Syria. There are far more skilled writers than I that are doing more than enough at the moment.

As the news of chemical attacks has unfolded this past week, numerous heads of state have rightfully so condemned this act as morally wrong. But it made me question the logic of such a statement. The Syrian civil war has been raging for over two years now, and at what point was the killing of tens of thousands of Syrians via conventional methods, ie. bullets, knives, explosives and a plethora of other instruments of death, morally justified?

It made me recall the reaction of knights during the Hundred Years War to the longbow. They were outraged that chivalrous knights could be felled at 400 yards by a mere peasant. How was this new form of combat fair. Somehow, death at the end of a sword wielded by a nobleman was better than a bow in the hands of a peasant. This sounds just as absurd as suggesting that it is a greater moral disgrace that a Syrian dies by chemical weapons, rather than a gun. In the end the outcome is equally as tragic, and it seems that it will continue for a long time to come. 

30 Day Challenge, day 12


Screenshot your desktop

There you are. If you want some detail about it, read on dear followers, read on.

At uni during first year I left my laptop in a friends room momentarily, and this photo was set as my desktop. What scamps they were. I thought about changing it, but each time I tried to I decided against it because (at the risk of sounding overly-mushy) I deeply love the people in this photo. From left to right they are Abbie, Fiona, Hazel, Clare and Lauren. One of my biggest regrets of my time at Uni is that I never got a photo of every single one of my friends all together, there is always someone missing. So, I choose to keep this one, as I get to see my friends everyday (I live 300 miles away from them) and it reminds me of one of the best years I will ever experience. 

The folders and other things on the right hand side are some photos I took of a conversation I had on Facebook with a former friend, who still owes me money. Fucking cunt. Some folders containing guitar tabs for Biffy Clyro songs, (who else?), a folder of embarrassing photos from university, and a work-in-progress job application.

I had a cluttered desktop, so I have the dock minimise unless I scroll over it, and it just consists of the apps I use most often. That is my desktop!

Highlights of my Leeds Festival experience.

What a four days that was. Once again Leeds fest did not disappoint, and I returned home broken in body but on such a high from the weekend’s experiences. From spewing up in a tent on the first night (don’t drink 10 beers on an empty stomach kids) to embracing total strangers, teary-eyed as Biffy Clyro killed there headline slot, as usual Leeds did not disappoint. So here are 3 of my highlights:

1) Biffy Clyro

Of course I’m going to say Biffy were amazing, because they were. Despite their entire set being played in the pouring and freezing rain, the atmosphere was electric as 80,000 people sang word-for-word along with them. Their setlist was mainly comprised of their greatest hits and more familiar tunes, which was to be expected, but that doesn’t take away with how very polished their performance was, and when Simon Neil said that music was more powerful than nature (sod the rain), you really felt that he meant it. 

I know this video is of Biffy at Reading, but there is no footage I can find from Leeds as the BBC thinks that the UK ends at Watford. Southern-centric twats that they are. (I’m half kidding, I love the BBC, but I still think there is a massive problem with their bias on Southern coverage. Nick Grimshaw doesn’t make it all better.)

2. Eminem

This was a surprise for me this weekend. I was a big fan of Eminem when I was younger, but found his more recent material quite bland and formulaic when compared to his earlier work. However, since being to rehab and working through the issues that stalled his career, he put on a very entertaining set. I was a bit let down by his cutting short of some of his best songs like ‘Square Dance’ and ‘Sing for the Moment’ into just the first verse and chorus, but that would be my only complaint. I’m very much looking forward to going back and listening to him again, and of course for the now highly-anticipated Marshall Mathers LP 2.

3. The 1975

I’ve rattled on about this band before, but you’re going to hear about it again. I was concerned that their sound could be lost live, as it can be quite synth-heavy, and that can often be lost in a festival setting. But no, the great sound they have developed managed to shine as they played to a packed tent. Their self-titled debut album is out on the 2nd of September. GO AND BUY IT!

30 Day Challenge, day 11

What is your favourite quote?

I find it quite hard to remember quotes if I’m being honest. I wish I had the ability to remember the most profound things I have read. I have read material produced by some of the greatest thinkers the world has known: Kant, Kierkegaard, Voltaire, René Descartes, Thomas Paine et al, yet I struggle to think of what they’ve told me. Alas.

So I’ve done some searching and this I feel is my favourite quote.

If you want to be happy, be.

– Leo Tolstoy.

I’ve struggled a lot in the past with happiness. And through trial and error I’m trying to allow myself to be happy, rather than just pretend as I’ve done. That is why this quote means a great deal to me. I’ll let you know if I get there in the end.

30 Day Challenge, day 10

Apologies for this being a day late, but I was at Leeds Festival and yesterday I was too tired for my brain to function. I hope we can still be friends after this betrayal.

If you could only live off one food and beverage for the rest of your days, what would they be?

Drink: Has to be milk (semi-skimmed). I’ve loved it since forever. This one time (not at band camp) I drank one of those 6 litre bottles of it in a day. No regrets. Plus, I must have really really strong bones.

Food: Steak and ale pie. I’m Northern. Need I say more?