Running songs


I go to the gym around 4 times a week, so you could say it’s a prominent part of my life. I thought I’d share some of the songs that I like to run to. I’m not really into listening to EDM when I run, so there won’t be any songs you’d find on an Ibiza compilation album. I’m more of an angry guitars, run fast BITCH! kind of person.

This song has such a great chugging tempo, it’s quite useful to maintain a good pace with this song playing. Also, it’s just freaking bad ass.

This song was originally recored by hardcore punk band, Discharge, but the version I listen to was the Metallica cover, from their 1998 album ‘Garage Inc.’

This is probably my favourite Skrillex song. I know everyone hates him now, but I really like this song. Reminds me of when I was 19 and he was only being played in these crazy little dub step clubs in Manchester.


Song of the Day


Cliff Burton, 1985

I’m in a Metallica mood today. In a week, on the 27th of September, it will be the 27th anniversary of the death of Cliff Burton, bass guitarist of Metallica. He was technically not the first bassist for the band. During the first year of the band, that duty was filled by Ron McGovney, who left in 1983 due to clashes with other band members. However, he was the bassist for Metallica’s debut album Kill ‘Em All, released in 1983. A brilliant bassist, he was known for his innovation and musical virtuosity. He utilised the wah-wah pedal and brought soloing on the bass to the fore. Songs such as ‘Anaesthesia (Pulling Teeth)‘, ‘The Call of Ktulu‘ and ‘Orion‘ are standout examples of how much he wanted to push the bass guitar within the genre of thrash metal.

Tragically his life was cut short. He was killed in a bus crash in Sweden in 1986, during the tour for Metallica’s, and thrash metal’s magnum opus – ‘Master of Puppets’. ‘…And Justice For All’, Metallica’s fourth album, and their first without Cliff, a song was written, compiled from old demos Cliff had made. It was entitled ‘To Live Is To Die”, and it was the band’s tribute to their friend.

I was listening to this song today, and it always strikes me as one of the saddest and most personal songs the band has ever released. The opening and closing of the song has an aggressive sound, but in the middle section, there is a slower tempo, over which Kirk Hammett plays a haunting solo.

If you’re not into the heavier part, listen from 4.28. Hope you enjoy it.

Song of the Day

I discovered this today, courtesy of Rolling Stone’s twitter feed. ‘Sirens’, the latest single from Pearl Jam’s tenth album, ‘Lightning Bolt’.

I really like this track, it reminds me of one of the band’s greatest songs, ‘Jeremy’.

‘Ten’, the first album by Pearl Jam is perhaps one of the finest grunge records, and one of the best debut albums of all time, in my humble opinion. So if you haven’t heard it, get on Spotify¬†NOW!

Song(s) of the Day

I’ve got three for you today. My shuffle is a wonderful thing. Everyone seems to complain how crappy their shuffle is on their various iThings, but mine, happily, always seems to throw out awesome songs. The first is a classic, and one of the songs I most fondly remember from my childhood.

YEAHH! The Power of Love! I’m not quite old enough to remember the original, but like most people I found this song through the utterly brilliant film, Back to the Future. McFLY!!!!!!!

The second is an awesome song called Kicking by a band called Torche. I was turned onto this band when Biffy Clyro (I’m never going to stop going on about them, so just get used to it) took over Radio One for an evening. They played this song. A brilliant piece of complex, strange-ass alternate rock.

Third is my favourite Bob Dylan track. Trying to choose a favourite Bob Dylan song is nigh impossible. Often, it changes what mood I’m in, if I’m being honest. So here is one of his that is my favourite right now!

30 Day Challenge, day 30

Write about anything you want.

This challenge has been great. Before I started the amount of followers and views I had were pretty small, and now the month is over I’ve gotten around 50 new followers, and hundreds of views. Seeing as I’m a teeny speck in the great blogosphere, I think that’s pretty great. I’ve really enjoyed sharing parts of my life, and the egotist within me always enjoyed seeing the number of likes that I was getting. The self-deprecating Englishman that I am of course thought what I was writing was a bunch of old twaddle! But no, you proved him wrong!

The next step is continuing to write. I’m not quite sure what direction I’m going to go in. I’d hoped this challenge process would give me a bit of insight into what I’d like to focus my blog on, but to be honest, I like its erratic nature. It’s a fun platform for me to share my random thoughts. One of the reasons I love twitter so much as it gives me a place to vent my nonsense, so having a blog is great for me as I’m not constrained to 140 characters.

So to everyone who has liked, commented and followed over the past month, thank you very much. I’ll try and keep delivering hard-hitting, witty, insightful, generation-defining material. Or just crap that falls out my mind hole.