Five reasons why the UK is basically Westeros.

Winter is still coming. Last night we were treated to the trailer for the 4th season of Game of Thrones. Until the season premier on the 7th of April, we will just have to wonder what is in store for Westeros, (unless you’ve read the books of course..) Until that glorious day, here’s a list of ways in which we in the UK are basically living in Westeros.

1. Our Kingdom is ruled by a baby-faced, tyrannical overlord.


David Cameron                                                                         Joffrey Baratheon

2. Our northernmost border is protected by a great wall, thousands of years old made by long-past civilisations.


Hadrian’s Wall                                                                        The Wall

3. Beyond the wall, there are savage wildlings, who know no fear, clad only in furs.


Scottish People                                                                      Wildlings

4. They are led by a man who wants to watch the world that exists, burn, and will stop at nothing to achieve it.


Alex Salmond                                                              Mance Rayder

5. And finally, both our Kingdoms face a great danger from the South-East, in the form of a silver-haired child of destiny.


Boris Johnson                                                           Daenerys Targaryen

There you have it. Conclusive proof that we are actually residents of Westeros.

Let’s pray to the Old Gods, the New Gods and the Lord of Light that April comes to us quickly.

Winter is coming.