Savage, Inhuman, Tory.

I fundamentally do not understand a right-wing mentality. Perhaps it’s not because I was born into it, as many seem to be. If you experience wealth, privilege, and all the trappings of never wanting anything, I understand how insulated your mind could become to the needs of anyone other than yourself.

That doesn’t excuse it however. To me, right wing politics runs counter to ever facet of compassion, human decency, and morality that I know of. The actions of the Tory led coalition over the past 4 years have done nothing but confirm that the Conservatives, and right wing sympathisers in general, are callous, vicious bullies who have shown nothing but contempt for the people they govern.

Today, the Chancellor George Osborne has outlined the Conservative’s fiscal policies were they to get elected in 2015.

On the basis of this, and upon reading their policy I have these comments to make.

The Tories are inhuman scum.

£30 billion in cuts to come if they are re-elected? Of course, because the cuts so far have been such a fucking phenomenal success.
People have starved to death in their own homes, food banks are straining to help people who have been pushed into poverty, the weakest in society have been vilified as the cause of all bad things we have experienced..while the rich get richer, tax cuts are doled out to those who need them the least, and tax dodgers are let off the hook.
Anyone who has a shred of morality, compassion or basic human decency WILL NOT vote for these animals come the election next year. What they are planning to do CAN NOT be allowed to happen.

Labour are not perfect, I am deeply angry with their wishy washy policies, and their determination to tow the line on deficit reduction. They need to remember they are called the LABOUR PARTY. They need to stand up for the people who need the most representation. They need to stand up for the truly ordinary people who fight day in day out to get by. People don’t want much. They want security, education, jobs they can be proud of and a bit of money to take a holiday once in a while. Stop forgetting your principles and grow a spine Ed, otherwise you are putting the nail in the coffin of so many things that made Britain great.

I watch in hope, and despair.