New Opportunities

I’m 25 and I am still struggling to find my way in life.


I know right. What a stereotype I am. I’m not sure if my parents didn’t push me hard enough when I was younger, I mean that would be a convenient excuse. Am I lazy, unfocused, lacking ambition. Probably. Or is this just what everyone else goes through in life?

Whatever the answer to the above question, I have an ambition that over the coming months, I will change my direction and head towards a future that I am happy with.

I currently work in retail, which is actually OK. I mean, the hours are crap and at its worst, it is a monotonous existence, but somehow over the past two years I have overall, enjoyed what I do. I work with great people, and I’m interested in the products that I have to sell. But, let’s not kid ourselves, the work is neither life changing nor fulfilling.

This blog is testament to the enjoyment I find in writing. It’s annoying at times, and I wish I sounded more intelligent than how I perceive I come across.


Nonetheless. I enjoy expressing my opinion on pretty much anything. Yet I’ve struggled to find justification to pursue this interest further. I thought about journalism a long time ago, and persuaded myself that it wasn’t worth pursuing, purely due to my perception that the competition within the industry would be so fierce, my status as a hobbyist did not make it worthwhile.


I’m at a stage now where I’m really pissed off at my younger self for not pursuing my interest sooner, and with even an ounce of determination. But, this is why we grow, and mature, and learn to find our way. 21 year old Jonny was a bit of a wimp, and to my credit, 25 year old Jonny still is. But what I have chosen is to not let that define me any longer.

In the coming days and weeks I will be applying to train with the Press Association to be a journalist. Luckily, the PA run a course in partnership with one of my local newspapers, so I have the good fortune to be able to study in my home town.

There are no guarantees, but I am going to try my damned hardest to get all I can out of this experience.

Stay posted, I’ll let you know how it goes.

REVIEW | Macbeth


“O, full of scorpions is my mind!”

I walked into the cinema with expectations high. Michael Fassbender is rapidly becoming one of those rare actors whose touch seems gilded. Winning critical acclaim for films such as ‘Hunger’, ‘Shame’ and ‘Prometheus’, he now is given the chance to portray one of the greatest characters on the biggest stage. Alongside Fassbender, playing Lady Macbeth is the mesmerising Marion Cotillard.

So far, so starstruck.

To cut to the chase, I sat through a completely engrossing adaptation. Visually, the film is striking, stunning, even haunting. I have noticed that in screen adaptations of Shakespeare, there is often a great emphasis on the cinematography. In Baz Luhrmann’s 1996 ‘Romeo + Juliet’, we were given a lush, almost cartoonish version of fair Verona.

Starring and directed by Ralph Fiennes, 2011’s ‘Coriolanus’ was a grey, gritty modern day retelling of the titular character’s fall from grace, set in a modern day war-torn state.

In the same way as films before it, the archaic nature of Shakespearean English almost plays second fiddle to the visual. Battle scenes play out in near silence, the screen saturated with reds and yellows. The highlands of Scotland are dour, harsh and unforgiving, you practically hear the gales howling between the cinema seats.

That being said, the powerful delivery that Fassbender and Cotillard deliver is worth of much praise. Both actors play their characters which a wonderful sense of duality. Macbeth begins as humble and loyal, yet descends into madness after the murder of his King, Duncan. Cotillard’s Lady Macbeth may begin as the Machiavellian influence behind her husband, yet soon comes to fear the man she has played a part in creating.


I can’t praise this film highly enough. To take a relative Shakespearean novice, and leave such a lasting impression on me is no mean feat. It is a rich, captivating adaptation that will surely spark a revives appreciation of Shakespeare’s works.


If you’re in Newcastle, get tickets to see Macbeth here.