My favourite things

Surfing through you tube I’ve stumbled a great channel run by a rather funny chap by the name of Jim Chapman. Here is the link, I highly recommend you check it out. He posts about anything and everything so there content for anyone to enjoy.

One of his videos, where he guides you around his new room has made me thing about the things in my own room. I’ve had a rummage, and found the things that are the most valuable to me.

Here we go!

1. This is a collection of photos of my friends from university. I had the most amazing three years while I was there, and the guys in these photos mean the world to me. It’s nice to see them every day.

My friends

My friends.

2. Next is my MacBook Pro. It’s a sodding amazing piece of kit. I will never go back to Windows…have you actually tried using Windows 8, I think Microsoft forget that not everyone has a tablet..but ANYWAY. I love this thing! It lets my take words from my brainbox, and through the magic of fingers, make them appear on the world wide web!MacBook

3. I’ve got four pin boards full of assorted things I’ve amassed throughout my formative years. One was made for me by a friend, charting my emergence into a man during 6th form, ie. how I discovered how to drink. Thanks Furn! The other three are anything and everything I’ve collected since I was 15: gig tickets, festival wrist bands, bracelets, medals, important bits of detritus from uni nights out, and a few more gig tickets for good measure.

My pin boards

My pin boards.

4. This is Barney. He’s my teddy and he is a terrific chap. I’ve had him as long as I can remember.

Barney. Teddy bear extraordinaire.

Barney. Teddy bear extraordinaire.

5. This is my favourite book, War and Peace. I could wax on for paragraphs about how wonderful it is, but I won’t. Just go out and buy it. It’s 1500 pages long, and it takes about 400 to get into it, but, it’s the most worthwhile thing you could do.War and Peace

6. This is Immanuel (don’t ask) my yucca plant. He’s been with me since the first day of uni, and still alive! My parents have a near 30 year old yucca, so hopefully Immanuel will last that long!

Immanuel the yucca.

Immanuel the yucca.

7. My favourite thing that makes me smell nice. Discovered this after every peasant and his dad started wearing my formerly favourite, Paco Rabane, Million. Dolce & Gabanna, Pour Homme is a winner.

Pour Homme.

Pour Homme.

8. This is my Meccano bi-plane that I got a few Christmases ago as a jokey present from my parents. Turns out, the same Christmas my best friend got the exact same one. Just proves that we are BFFs. In a totally manly way though.IMG_2410

9. This is my view. It’s looks over the Tyne valley, and on the summer solstive (today) it can look lovely.

My view

10. This is probably the best poster I’ll ever get. It belonged to my uncle when he was a teenager of the 60s. Luckily Bob Dylan happened to be one of my favourite artists, so now it lives on my wall.

Bob Dylan

11. This was my Grandpa’s cap. He died in 1993, and it’s one of the few things I have left of his. He taught me a lot in the short time I knew him.

Grandpa's hat

12. This stuff is amazing. It cures everything. If my leg were to fall off, I’m sure this would somehow manage to fix it.

Paw paw ointment

12. This is a letter from my Grandma, she sent it to me in the first year of uni. I’m glad I never threw it away. She had such wonderful handwriting, and I loved writing back to her. She sadly died in 2011, but at least I have this to hold on to.

Grandma's letter

13 & 14. These are my babies. I got into guitar in the first year of uni, basically as three of my friends could play and I felt rather left out. So inspired by being a huge Metallica fan, I bought a guitar for cheap on eBay. That was for my 21st birthday I got my electric. It’s a ESP Ltd EC-1000. Played it pretty much every day since I’ve had it. My acoustic, I just recently bought in Vietnam during my backpacking adventure in South-East Asia. It was hand made by a local luthier called Duy-Ngoc. It is incredible, for such a small amount of money I paid for it (around £150) it sounds better than any £1000 Gibson acoustic I’ve ever played.



So that’s it. These are the things that I value the most in my room. I’m sure there are other things, but maybe that’s another post for another day. This wasn’t meant to be a sad post, but it might have turned into one, oops! Sorry for all of you who have tear-splattered keyboards right now. Thanks for reading. Toodles!