New Opportunities

I’m 25 and I am still struggling to find my way in life.


I know right. What a stereotype I am. I’m not sure if my parents didn’t push me hard enough when I was younger, I mean that would be a convenient excuse. Am I lazy, unfocused, lacking ambition. Probably. Or is this just what everyone else goes through in life?

Whatever the answer to the above question, I have an ambition that over the coming months, I will change my direction and head towards a future that I am happy with.

I currently work in retail, which is actually OK. I mean, the hours are crap and at its worst, it is a monotonous existence, but somehow over the past two years I have overall, enjoyed what I do. I work with great people, and I’m interested in the products that I have to sell. But, let’s not kid ourselves, the work is neither life changing nor fulfilling.

This blog is testament to the enjoyment I find in writing. It’s annoying at times, and I wish I sounded more intelligent than how I perceive I come across.


Nonetheless. I enjoy expressing my opinion on pretty much anything. Yet I’ve struggled to find justification to pursue this interest further. I thought about journalism a long time ago, and persuaded myself that it wasn’t worth pursuing, purely due to my perception that the competition within the industry would be so fierce, my status as a hobbyist did not make it worthwhile.


I’m at a stage now where I’m really pissed off at my younger self for not pursuing my interest sooner, and with even an ounce of determination. But, this is why we grow, and mature, and learn to find our way. 21 year old Jonny was a bit of a wimp, and to my credit, 25 year old Jonny still is. But what I have chosen is to not let that define me any longer.

In the coming days and weeks I will be applying to train with the Press Association to be a journalist. Luckily, the PA run a course in partnership with one of my local newspapers, so I have the good fortune to be able to study in my home town.

There are no guarantees, but I am going to try my damned hardest to get all I can out of this experience.

Stay posted, I’ll let you know how it goes.

30 Day Challenge, day 30

Write about anything you want.

This challenge has been great. Before I started the amount of followers and views I had were pretty small, and now the month is over I’ve gotten around 50 new followers, and hundreds of views. Seeing as I’m a teeny speck in the great blogosphere, I think that’s pretty great. I’ve really enjoyed sharing parts of my life, and the egotist within me always enjoyed seeing the number of likes that I was getting. The self-deprecating Englishman that I am of course thought what I was writing was a bunch of old twaddle! But no, you proved him wrong!

The next step is continuing to write. I’m not quite sure what direction I’m going to go in. I’d hoped this challenge process would give me a bit of insight into what I’d like to focus my blog on, but to be honest, I like its erratic nature. It’s a fun platform for me to share my random thoughts. One of the reasons I love twitter so much as it gives me a place to vent my nonsense, so having a blog is great for me as I’m not constrained to 140 characters.

So to everyone who has liked, commented and followed over the past month, thank you very much. I’ll try and keep delivering hard-hitting, witty, insightful, generation-defining material. Or just crap that falls out my mind hole.


30 Day Challenge, day 21

Apologies for my extended absence again, but seriously, I CAN’T STOP PLAYING THIS GAME!! Anyway. I’ve peeled myself away from the desktop, because I have really enjoyed doing this challenge, and I feel bad that I’ve neglected it. I will be better.

Turn ons and turn offs.

I’m going to start with turn offs, because they’re more fun!

Turn offs:

  • Ignorance/stupidity. This one is pretty self-explanatory. If I were to be interested in any girl, I’d have to be able to have a good conversation with them, and if they are a moron, it makes that process that bit more hard.
  • Personality. Seems like an obvious one, but it’s surprising about how much of a turn off a boring personality can be on what would appear to be an attractive person. If your interests can only stretch to what just happened on The Only Way is Essex, then I’m afraid things just can’t work between us.
  • Poor taste in music and tv/films. I don’t mind a bit of difference, there’s a good old saying about opposites attracting and what not. But if you find Kevin James funny, or like the X Factor….just no.

Turn ons:

  • I don’t go for the whole ‘eyes are the window to the soul’ thing, because I pretty much hate saying like that, but if I’m attracted to a girl she’ll most likely have great eyes. (I like boobs and bums as much as the next guy, I’m not dead after all, but I do have some depth!)
  • Sharing my interests, if I ever meet a girl that loves Metallica, Biffy Clyro, Woody Allen films, MGM musicals, zombie fiction, The Guardian newspaper and Cyanide and Happiness, well. I’m gonna put a ring on it.
  • Tattoos. I do like tattoos on girls, there is a limit though. It greatly depends on what
    Ellis Cooper

    Ellis Cooper

    the girl has, and how well they are tattooed on, for instance. Sallie Axl of recent Big Brother fame, while I’m sure she is a nice person, has terrible tattoos in my opinion. Whereas, my biggest crush Ellis Cooper has some beautiful ones. I much prefer black and grey as opposed to colour. Colour tattoos are very hard to have and still look good, rather than brash and tacky. Hand tattoos and leg tattoos are a big no no as well.




  • I’m a big fan of quirkiness. Not eating cat hair quirky, but something that makes a girl unique. I think a lot of girls today are pressured into being acting and behaving a certain way, which sucks! So be a bit different, it’s awesome!